The ALcapones-Live Jazz and Reggae Music With Opening Band BanSHEE TREE- Jazz & Funk

Friday, March 16, 2018 7:30pm & 9:00pM

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$20 Advanced Tickets
$25 Day of Sales


The Alcapones

“Homegrown ska and reggae tunes inspired by mountain living - The Alcapones is a group from Colorado’s Front Range area with a mix of vocal and instrumental music that brings a new-school feel to what was made popular in Jamaica during the 1960’s.

From raw originals to jazz/ska/reggae fusion, you will find that The Alcapones continuously inspire your feet on the dance floor. Raise your spirit and celebrate life like a gangster of love!


“This Boulder-based band hits the stage like a traveling minstrel show, determined to breathe as much life and fun into (insert your town name here) as they possibly can, and they do just that with their driving rhythms, delirious horn harmonies, and pointedly silly/ridiculous/wise singalong songs. The group is relentless in their determination to have as much fun as they possibly can, and to make sure their audience feels as much a part of the madcap show as the band itself.”

— William Baumgartner from BolderBeat

“Leave it to Jamestown’s The Alcapones to make ska accessible again.”

— The Marquee Magazine

Opening Band: Banshee Tree

Founded in upstate New York and currently located in the Front Range, Banshee Tree has quickly developed a reputation as one of Colorado’s most multifaceted young bands. Combining the sounds of acoustic instruments with a diverse blend of dance and improvisational styles from swing to funk to electronic, the band's songwritier Thomas LaFond's intrepid compositions as a platform for hot swing and deep grooves. Fans of Golgol Bordello, Caravan Palace, and Django Reinhardt will appreciate this driving, earthy acoustic dance music. There newest release, “In the Company of Crows”, is currently available through Bandcamp, Itunes, and Spotify.

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$20 in advance -- $25 day of show- Regular Tickets


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