A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé:
Nature of the Beasts-

Saturday June 22nd, 2019 Party @ 7:30, Documentary@ 8pm Q&A Afterwards with the Film Makers
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A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé: Nature of the Beasts follows Nick as he travels through the park on foot and on snowshoe. He captures its natural beauty and showcases its diverse flora and fauna, including the pika – a cousin to the rabbit – as well as marmots, moose, and more.

In addition to highlighting the grandeur of Rocky Mountain National Park, Nature of the Beasts also explores the underlying challenges the park currently faces. Over the past several years, the park has experienced an unprecedented surge in visitation. The film explores how this increase in tourism is stressing the park infrastructure and ecosystem, affecting species like the pika, whose numbers are dwindling.

Climate change is also impacting the park. Viewers hear from experts – including Darla Sidles, superintendent of Rocky Mountain National Park; Dr. Scott Denning, professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University; and Dr. Chris Ray from the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado, among others – about how the Rocky Mountain ecosystem is being affected.

However, Nature of the Beasts looks at possible solutions to these problems as well, exploring how education, positive park experiences, and appreciation for the landscape can potentially spur constructive change for a park in peril.

Nature of the Beasts combines Nick’s eye for beauty with his drive to better understand the natural world and share that understanding with viewers. As he poetically states in the film, “These walks [in nature]… inevitably delve into my inner passion, where art and science confess their secret identity as twins.”

Featuring an original musical composition written by Nick and his creative team, Nature of the Beasts is a stunning feast for the eyes and ears, as well as a thought-provoking look at an ecosystem facing an uncertain future.

About Nick Mollé
Producer, host, and writer Nick Mollé has traveled the globe from Alaska to Australia in search of the unusual, the extreme, and the unforgettable. His serious purpose – presented with a touch of humor – has won him many awards for his productions.

Nick has hiked, documented, and filmed Rocky Mountain National Park for over 20 years. When not in the Rocky Mountains, he follows a passion for inspirational destinations. His love of nature, quest for knowledge, and search for adventure have taken him to exotic destinations including the Costa Rican rainforest, Alaska’s Prince William Sound, Australia’s remote Northern Territory, and the troubled Mayan villages of Guatemala. His most recent documentary, The Living Dream: 100 Years of Rocky Mountain National Park, earned a Regional Emmy nomination. His previous releases with American Public Television include WildSide with Nick Mollé: Costa Rica and the A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé series featuring Real Rocky, Rivers of the Rockies, and Birds Without Borders, in which Nick extended the reach of Rocky Mountain National Park to the tropical forests of Costa Rica, following the migration of four small songbirds. His production Solar Car: The Secrets of Ra7 documents the Solar Challenge race from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia. Moved by the story, actor and filmmaker Robert Duvall delivers the introduction to this amazing testament to youthful determination. Nick’s newest entry in the A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé series is Nature of the Beasts, a soul-searching dive into the effects of climate change and crowding in the pristine wilderness of a national park. 


WORLD PRemier: JUne 22nd, 2019

Party 7:30pm with Hors De Oeuvres, Documentary @ 8:00pm &
Question and Answer with the Film Makers to follow

Tickets are just $15.00