Ghost Hunt- at the Haunted Historic Park Theatre

Join us for a Ghost Hunt at the Haunted Historic Park Theatre. We are known to be one of the haunted but friendly places you will ever go. The Historic Park Theatre has been around since 1913 and with the history of this Theatre we have people who like to stay. Come visit with the ghosts, get them to answer questions, play with you from the other side. We will have a brief intro about Ghost Hunting, you must be respectful to our amazing ghosts and you will have up to 2 hours to hunt and play with our spirits. 10- Midnight to work with the Historic Park Theatre spirits. The info session starts at 9:50pm for the 10pm hunt for the midnight hunt. Waivers must be signed. This Hunt is at your own risk. Cost is only $35 dollars, you can also purchase some ghost hunting equipment. We will show you how to use house hold items to work with the Spirits. Limited to only 30 people. We will have a psychic for you to get reasonable priced reading at an additional Cost the psychic is available to assistance with our spirits, as well as the theatre owners onsite to help with your investigations of the friendly ghosts at the Historic Park Theatre. Ghost Hunt PT1H50MPG-132024-07-12Ghost Hunt- at the Haunted Historic Park Theatre"Ghost Hunt- at the Haunted Historic Park Theatre"