2017 Silent Film Festival

Presented by the Estes Park Film Festival:

Action, romance, drama, laughter.   You can catch it all at the Silent Movie Festival is each Friday in July and August at 5pm at the Historic Park Theatre in Estes Park, Colorado.   This is entertainment for the whole family, from eight to eighty.  See stars like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Fatty Arbuckle, Charlie Chase and many more.  


Every Friday at 5 pm in July and August, the Park Theatre will present silent films.   Each week will feature a different giant of the past:   people like Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Chase, Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle.   

Each Friday there are three films accompanied by the live piano playing of Scott Flyin’ Fingers Wilseck.   Twenty minutes before the films start, you can listen to old time piano music in a historic theatre that was built over 100 years ago.  Attendees who arrive early get to listen to old time piano music before the films begin as well as Scott’s melodies that provide an excellent background for the action on the screen.  

Scott says, “When I was a kid, they showed silent films in Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry.   While the films were entertaining, I was fascinated by the live piano playing in the theatre.   The music was mostly ragtime and really took you back to that era.   I’ve always loved playing ragtime and the silent films provide an excellent venue for that type of music.” 

So walk back into time and spend a late afternoon or evening at the movies of the silent era. 

Adult admission is $10.  One child is admitted free with each paying adult. 

Returning for his fourth appearance will be piano accompanist Scott“Flying Fingers” Wilseck.  

The Estes Park Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the past and present accomplishments of the motion picture industry.   The Historic Park Theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.   For more information, call 970-586-8904.  

Film Schedule

WeEK 7: August 18, 2017 5:00pm
Featuring more of CHARLIE CHAPLIN

More Chaplin fun with 

  • 1.  “The Immigrant”, (1917)Charlie is an Immigrant and a newcomer to the United States who is smitten by a lady.   He experiences hard times associated with one who enters the country with virtually nothing but manages to deal with several obstacles. Charlie is an immigrant who endures a challenging voyage and gets into trouble as soon as he arrives in America.
  • 2. “The Vagabond” (1916) Charlie is an impoverished violinist falls for a beautiful gypsy girl. Together they meet an artist who paints the girl's portrait. Charlie, the violinist, believes the girl loves the painter. Later, when a wealthy woman recognizes her long-ago- kidnapped daughter in the painting, she tracks down the girl with the artist's help. The gypsy girl is taken back to her rightful heritage, leaving Charlie thinking she has gone off with the artist he thinks she loves. But has she? Does she?
  • 3. “The Rink” (1916) takes Chaplin from a waiter to a roller skating rink with many humorous moments.  The skating scenes are both gifted and funny.   A gifted skater, Chaplin did his own roller skating scenes. This film is best known for showcasing Chaplin's roller skating skills.   If you are a Charlie Chaplin fan, this is a must see film!  

Week 8: August 25, 2017 5:00pm (Final Week) 
Featuring Charley Chase: 

Chase felt his films featured “thinking man’s comedy” as opposed to the slapstick that was prevalent during the silent film era.  Crazy and ironic situations replaced banana peels and flying pies as the vehicles for humor. While slapstick reigned supreme in many films, Chase’s films were more like a situational comedy.   He often found himself in situations which reminds some of the Lucy episodes of 1950’s television.

  • 1. Mighty Like a Moose"  (1926) In the first film, “Mighty Like a Moose”, Chase appears on screen with huge buck teeth and his wife has a very large nose.   Without telling their spouses, they seek professional help to improve their appearance.   Chase’s teeth get fixed, and his wife’s nose becomes one of normal proportions.   At a chance meeting, they become interested in each other, not realizing the real identity of the other.   The intended infidelity produces some humorous situation.
  • The second film is “Bromo and Juliet”.   Chase tries to impress a woman he admires by acting in the play “Romeo and Juliet”.   Some bootleg liquor, an overindulgent father and some bad luck contribute to a very entertaining and humorous situation. 
  • “Fluttering Hearts” is a favorite of piano accompanist Scott “Flying Fingers” Wilseck.   In this one Chase comes to the rescue of a sweet young lady and her father who are blackmailed by the villain played by Oliver Hardy.   The result of his actions produce some wild escapades on the screen.