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About This Site

The Park Theatre has been a family-operated business since 1968, and we encourage family members to contribute their time, talents, and skills in the support of the theatre. As a result, the majority of the tasks involved in the operation of the theatre are performed by family members, including the management and ticket sales (Sharon Seeley), film booking (Jenna MacGregor), projector operation (Orion and Andrew Stanger), electrical maintenance (Robert Seeley), and website development (Orion Stanger). At various times, other family members may also be involved (taking tickets, concession sales, etc.).

The current Park Theatre web site is designed and maintained by Orion Stanger. As with most aspects of the theatre, we have chosen to keep our presentation simple, attractive and functional.

Mobile Site

For those of you with mobile devices with smaller screens (iPhones, iPod touches, Android phones, etc), this site has a different look tailored specifically to the smaller screen. Due to how this was done programmatically, everything that is part of the desktop version of the site is available on the mobile version, so no link to the desktop site has been provided.


This site uses some HTML5 features on some of its pages. While in most cases, older browsers are still supported, there are some small parts of this website that may not function without an up-to-date HTML5 compatible browser. You can update your browser using the following links:


If you have any comments or suggestions regarding any aspect of this web site (including broken links), please contact the webmaster